CAMO Connection Issue 3

CAMO Connection Issue 3

Camo Connection Vol 1-3

CAMO Recognized in This Old House® Magazine

This Old House highlights one of the CAMO system's best benefits -- its rare ability to work with hardwood deckboards 'in a jiffy'.

National Nail Corp. is happy to announce their CAMO hidden Deck Fastening System has been selected
for the This Old House (TOH) Top 100: Best New Home Products.

“We are thrilled with the success we’ve had with CAMO and the positive response from the industry
in such a short period of time,” said Scott Baker, CEO of National Nail Corp. “This award really speaks
to not only how great a product CAMO is, but to the innovative strength of our employee-owners and company.”

Products that receive this annual award are selected by TOH editors and are considered to be the most
innovative new products and ideas for the home.

CAMO is listed under the Building Products category under the heading “Hold the pilot holds.” TOH
highlights one of the CAMO system’s best benefits — its rare ability to work with hardwood deckboards “in a jiffy.”
They also mention the tool’s unique functions of both providing automatic spacing between deckboards and positioning
two screws at the same angle into the deckboard. In addition, TOH labeled the system an “Easy Upgrade” and a
“Perfect Solution” for any user.

The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products article can be found int he November/December 2011 issue of This Old House
magazine, or on the website. This is CAMO’s second recognition by This Old House, the first was in “Our Favorite New
Building and Deck Products” featured on This Old House online following the 2011 NAHB International Builders’ Show.

CAMO deck

Want to see your deck features in the CAMO CONNECTION? Contact Kelli Carrier at for more information.* See more pictures of this deck and other
CAMO projects in the Photo Gallery.



Location:   Belleville, IL
Material:   Pressure Treated Pine
Size:   560 sq. ft.
Builder:   Tim M.

“I chose to re-build my deck with CAMO because you install from the top and the angle installation
anchors down the boards better. On top of that, it’s a great value. I was impressed with the quick
and easy installation and even more with the overall appearance. I really like the system, I will be
using this for all my decks in the future and spec-ing it as my standard.”

Tim M., DesignSix, Belleville, Illinois

Tips & Tricks: Installing The Board Abutting The Structure

You can secure the board abutting the structure in several ways, and today we’ll highlight one using
the CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System:

  1. Lay the board abutting the structure in place.
  2. At each joist, mark the location for the screws that will be driven toward the structure
    on the outside edge of the deckboard. (IMG A)
  3. Pull the board out and position your tool on the desired mark at one end of the board.
  4. Load one CAMO deck screw into the Screw Guide on the outside edge of the deckboard. (IMG B)
  5. Steady the tool and pre-start the screw about 1/2″ into the board.
  6. Remove the Marksman ProTM, the screw should remain in the board. (IMG C)
  7. Continue this process the entire length of the deckboard.
  8. Once you have reached the end of the board, position the deckboard tightly against the structure
    with the pre-started hold on the OUTSIDE edge. (IMG D)
  9. Re-drive the CAMO deck screws into the board. (IMG E)
  10. Finish the deckboard by face fastening the inside edge. We recommend using 2 1/2″ x #7 CAMO trimhead
    deck screws (IMG F)

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