deckLok-animWhy Risk This?

Five people were injured in June 2006 when a deck collapsed in Upper Marlboro, MD during a funeral reception. Ten people were on the deck at the time, one adult was underneath the deck during the collapse.

Current deck fastening techniques rely on resistance to “pullout” force… like using a nail to hold a crowbar. The DeckLok Bracket System creates stronger deck connections by redirecting the force of the load from “pullout” to a connection in “shear” at the deck floor joist.By adding DeckLok Brackets to your current construction methods, your deck will meet or exceed IRC Requirements.

Because of the terrific acceptance of the DeckLok Bracket System for attaching railings to decks and deck ledger boards to houses, the company has introduced the new RailLok, a mini version of the original DeckLok. RailLok is just as rugged as the full size bracket, but at half the size.

RailLok is being used to connect rail sections to the post, either as a 90 degree platform or as a saddle. Attach the brackets to the rail post using #10 screws and then slip preassembled railing sections into the brackets and screw them in place. The RailLok brackets provide a strong, reliable railing to post connection. The fasteners are built to outlast the service life of the deck.

RailLok is available in 316 Stainless Steel and white or black powder coat finish.

Note: each RailLok Bracket requires (5) #10 screws (not included)


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