A glass rail immediately offers a high level of distinction and elegance to a deck or porch.

The railing is the focal point of any deck or porch, and using a glass rail increases the level of sophistication. Typically, most glass railing systems are expensive, complicated to install, require special fasteners and must be installed by a glass railing professional. Deckorators® glass railing system is unlike the others: It’s the most price-competitive glass railing system on the market—and it’s easy to install!

With the introduction of Deckorators Scenic glass balusters, glass railing systems will never be the same. Scenic glass balusters come in two shapes—Frontier, a straight, beveled-edge baluster, and Contour, a tapered, hourglass-shaped design and in two tints—Autumn and Clear. Scenic glass balusters are the perfect alternative to glass panels.

scenic_lgScenic Clear Glass Balusters

centerpieces_lgClear (shown in Contour style)autumnscenic_lgAutumn (shown in Frontier style)

  • 4” x 5/16” x 26” tempered safety glass. Designed for a 36” rail height with the use of Scenic connectors.
  • Each baluster has four predrilled holes with preinserted rubber grommets for face-mount installation. Stainless steel screws included.
  • Scenic balusters are designed to install 1.5 balusters per linear foot using our installation guide.
  • Scenic balusters can be used with either wood or composite decking and do not require special fasteners.

scenicconnector_lgRail Connector
scenicstair_lgStair Rail Connector

Scenic baluster connectors create a channel for the glass balusters while adding an elegant design component.