Expand and Separate Your Space Seamlessly

You may not think your yard has much potential, rest assured, there’s always to make your outdoor space more functional for yourself and your family. When customizing your outdoor space, the options for deck design fall into five distinct deck types:

  • Contemporary – Sleek, Sparse, Modern design features where less is more.
  • Colonial – Symmetrical design using elements of classical Architecture.
  • Traditional – A Cottage style that embraces charm and décor.
  • Mountain – Heavy timber framing, stronger than most other decks and appear massive in size.
  • Costal – Openly inviting, great for overlooking the ocean, sea, or a lake.

Once you’ve selected your style, you’ll need to create your design plan

If you’re unsure what makes one style different from others, the information provided here should help you understand some of the differences. Across-the-board, materials like wood, metal, brick and concrete are popular choices for construction of these decks. Additionally, many synthetic materials are available to best enhance your existing structures and space.

From Southern Air, to Hollywood Flare

Southern Style wrap around porches are a great way to add additional space around your home. They provide a covered place to relax and hang out, rock in a rocking chair, or swing on a swing. You can often find folks standing around posts and railings. Since this is generally the case, it’s important to check your railings regularly to address any safety issues.

Freestanding Decks add Definition to Landscaping

Freestanding decks are used when the house will not support the additional weight of a built on deck. They can be used as a focal point in any yard, maybe you prefer to have a covered deck for your hot tub, or a covered cooking or specialty area. Highlight the best areas of your yard, add a lavender and mint scented walking path to your deck, for a relaxing stroll as the smells of lavender and mint invigorate your senses.

Multi-Level Decks are the King of Layout Designs

Multi-level decks are a series of decks that are designed to create flow and invite your to explore other areas of your yard. Multi-Level decks are great for adding additional seating and storage to your outdoor living spaces. You may want a deck off your dining room that you can walk out onto, at the same time, you might enjoy walking down a few steps to a sun bathing platform, then down another level into your pool or play area. You can designate eating, cooking, and fire feature areas away from your home, all while incorporating a flowing layout that is comfortable and inviting.

Two-Story Decks for Added Outdoor Living

Two-Story decks are great for adding square footage to multiple levels of your home. They can be somewhat aesthetically challenging, due to the structural posts and support needed, but the pay-off is HUGE if done tastefully and professionally.

It is becoming increasingly more popular to utilize synthetic materials to add dimension and a natural look to the facade of your home. Decorative materials include the look of natural stone, stacked stone, brick, and more. These materials are durable enough to withstand the elements of weather outdoors, as well as easy maintainability indoors.

Platform Decks are for Easy Access

Platforms decks are generally only a short distance off the ground consisting of only one or two steps. They are the easiest style of deck to build, and are perfect for beginners. It is important to consider the use of a railing, bench seating, or landscaping to define the edge of your platform to prevent injury from unanticipated falls.

These decks will need regular waterproofing sealant applications over the years, and pre-treated materials are best to ensure a longer lifetime for your deck.

Liv Building Products Recommendations

We suggest the use of quality materials supplied by Liv Building Products:

  • Rot Not Products
  • Ledger Caps, Single Joist Caps, Double Joist Caps, and Post Protector Saddles
  • Gossen Products
  • PVC Decking in a variety of American Classic, Heritage, Passport, Trailways pattern styles and Tongue and Groove Boards.
  • Invisirail System
  • Glass rail system for maximum continuous viewing and seamless flow.
  • CAMO
  • Hidden Fasteners, Drill Bits, Clearing Tool, and Marksman and Marksman Pro tools



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