How to Get Your Deck Ready for Entertaining

Your deck is done, the weather has been nice and you feel like your ready to start entertaining guests on your deck. The first thing you want to be sure of is that all your guests will be safe and secure when using your deck so it is best to get your deck ready for entertaining. If you have a new deck there isn’t much more you will need to do since your contractor, if you hired one, will have done all the preparations for you and made sure your deck is sound and ready to be used. If you have had your deck for sometime you will want to check and make sure it is in tip top shape by checking out some of the ways you can get it ready below.

Inspect Your Backyard Deck

Like I said, if you are fortunate enough to have just installed a brand new deck things like staining or sealing or checking for dry rot, splinters or loose nails won’t be necessary. The most you will probably have to do is wash it off and add accessories like furniture. If you have not recently installed a deck you should inspect your entire deck, especially the areas that aren’t easily seen. You will be looking for loose nails, mold, mildew, warped wood, splintered wood and basically anything that is a hazard or the ability to become a hazard over time. Don’t be fooled if your decking boards appear fine when you’re standing on them because they can look good on the top and be rotting underneath so you will need to get a flashlight and inspect the boards and framework underneath your deck. You will be looking for any rotting wood or cracks in boards. If you are not comfortable trying to determine what to look for you could easily hire a contractor to do a maintenance check of your deck and determine if any boards need to be replaced.

Remove and/or Repair Any Hazards You Find

If after you have inspected your deck you find things that need to be fixed like loose nails, cracked wood, mildew and more your response should be to fix these hazards immediately. The worst thing that could happen is one of your guests being hurt because of your negligence. If you find that you have mildew you can use an oxygen bleach cleaner to remove it. You can also use a simple bleach and water solution to remove mildew but unlike oxygen bleach, which will not damage your deck or discolor your wood, you will have to make sure that your solution will not change the color of your deck by testing it out on a less noticeable area first. If you find any warped, cracked or splintered boards you will need to replace those as soon as possible.

Clean Your Backyard Deck

 The best and quickest way to instantly improve the appearance of your deck and make it entertainment ready is by cleaning it. Giving it a good sweep and then hosing it down will work wonders to restore the life and original finish of your deck. Just remember when hosing down your deck you want to remove everything that can be removed from your deck and protect any plants near your deck from the spray since its force can easily shred plant leaves. Once you’ve hosed down your deck you can use a commercial deck cleaner to scrub the surface of your deck and once your done you can simply rinse it away and let your deck dry completely before adding any furniture, plants or accessories back. For an added touch you can add a stain to your deck, which can help accentuate your deck’s natural color or you can choose not to add a stain and let your decking material fade to its own naturally beautiful color like Kayu Bukit and Kayu Batu which both fade to a beautiful silvery gray stain over time.

Seal Your Backyard Deck

If you live in an area where your deck will be exposed to extreme elements sealing your deck is a must. Even if you don’t experience harsh weather exposure to the elements on a daily basis will cause your deck to age faster than necessary. A great way to combat this issue is by sealing your deck. Sealing your deck will protect your deck from elements like rain and snow as well as UV rays from the sun. You can also find sealants that are scratch and stain-resistant and can improve traction.

So now that you know how to get your deck ready for entertaining your guests what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your deck party ready.