How to Install a Spa on Your Deck

Decks come in various shapes, sizes, and styles and they can all be equipped with extra accessories to make them the perfect place to spend your time entertaining guests and enjoying yourself. Choosing the right accessories to add to your deck all depends on your personal preference and what you intend to do with your deck but one particular deck feature that many homeowners are adding to their decks is a spa.

Choosing the Best Spa for Your Deck

Determining the best spa for you will depend on a number of things like; how big your deck is, what alterations to your decks structure may be required, as well as what your budget is.  There are a variety of types of spas available for deck owners to choose from. When spas were first introduced as a nice addition to your home they were made out of wood and were quite simple in design. Today there are additional features that can be added to spas like cup holders, speakers, iPod docks, LED lights and even areas for TV screens to be placed. When making your decision you should look at established manufacturers who are receiving good reviews and narrow down your choice from there.

Installing a Spa

There are a lot of things that go into installing a spa like installation costs, the size of the spa, how easy it is to get the spa where it needs to go, and so on. In some cases there is limited access to the deck where the spa will be installed and in these cases a crane is used to lower the spa to the deck. Before installing you should check your local codes and regulations for any restrictions that may be placed on the location and installation of your deck. You should also make sure that your deck will be able to support your new spa. It is easier to make sure that your deck is suitable to hold a spa if you are building a new spa but if your spa is already established then you should check with a contractor to make sure it can hold the weight of your spa. Hardwoods like Yellow Balau are very popular choices because they are both durable and slip-resistant.

Make Sure Your Structure Can Carry the Weight

The most cost effective and safe location for a spa is on the lower level of your deck since there are less regulations that need to be followed than if your spa was built on a deck that is a couple feet above ground or on an upper level of a deck. In order to get your specifications for a deck framing structure that will support the weight of your deck you will need to hire a structural engineer.

Accessing Power and Water

Spas use water and power and in order to do this they will need a source of electricity that is close by and with water involved you will need to take extra precautions like using a ground-fault circuit interrupter with any electrical hookup associated with your spa. If there is any change in current flow due to a short circuit the ground-fault circuit interrupter will immediately shut down the system so no damage occurs. Accessing water for your spa is simpler than accessing power since all you need to have to fill your spa is an outdoor water hose. The spa then uses power to heat and circulate the water. You will need to refill your spa over time when the water evaporates but you can limit the amount of evaporation that occurs by using an insulated tub cover.


Since a spa means dealing with water there are a lot of opportunities for mishaps to occur while getting in and out of your spa. If you know older people will have access to your deck then installing a handrail will provide the necessary safety precautions you need and since most decks are required to have railing to be up to code you won’t be doing any extra work. If you want to build your spa into your deck make sure that the rim of your spa is between 1 to 2 feet above your deck so there is less chance of someone accidentally falling in. Keep your spa free of any bacteria by using sanitizing chemicals and cleaning it regularly.

A spa can be both a place of relaxation for those days you just want to have a nice soothing soak and a place of entertainment for those times when friends and family want to get together. No matter what your reason for adding a spa make sure it is one you will enjoy for years to come.