• When installing at or near ground level, with minimal air flow volume, material should be 4” wide when using Hidden Deck Fasteners.
  • To minimize cupping a 2” strip of urethane glue should be applied to each board at joist location.
  • Any screws placed within an 1” of any edge should be predrilled to minimize splitting.
  • Material should be UV protected on all 4 sides before installation. Subsequent applications can be done on the face of the deck only. Deck brightener should be used before reapplication to eliminate oxidization and maximize absorption).
  • Uninstalled hardwood cannot be left outside and uncovered. Trapped moisture within lumber piles can cause mold.
  • The TC-3 Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fastener is the recommended hidden deck fastener or TC-G with side grooves.
  • T&G can only be used in vertical applications unless totally protected form the elements. Periodic expansion gaps need to be used when installing to allow for expansion.
  • Any distinct white lines in wood grain, especially larger than a 1/16”should be cut away and discarded.

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