Kayu Batu FAQ

Kayu Batu FAQ

Question 1. Is Kayu Batu real (natural) wood?
Answer Yes. Kayu Batu is an Indonesian Hardwood that is a dense hardwood of the mahogany family.

Question 2. Is there any maintenance required for Kayu Batu?
Answer You can apply a stain or a UV Protectant if you want to retain or deepen the Kayu colour but you can leave it “as is” and it will turn a silver colour (See photo gallery).

Question 3. Can you screw directly into Kayu Batu or do you need to pre-drill the holes?
Answer You can screw directly into the wood without pre-drilling. The TigerClaw Hidden Deck Fastener can be used to keep the face entirely clean of screws for that ‘clean, smooth’ look.

Question 4. Does Kayu Batu have knots, checks or wane?
Answer Kayu Batu is a 100% clear wood with no knots, checks or wane.

Question 5. Is the Indoensian Rain Forest being damaged by the harvesting of Kayu Batu?
Answer Liv Outdoor suppliers work closely with government agencies, sawmills and foresters from all over the world to ensure that Exotic Hardwood Decking are sustainably managed. All Exotic hardwood decking is regenerated either naturally or by seeding and replanting and are third-party certified as having been produced from legally harvested logs in compliance with all the international laws and regulations pertaining to the harvest and trade of both temperate and tropical forest products. Liv Outdoor remains committed to the protection and preservation of the world’s valuable timber resources and is pleased to bring the benefits of these unique timber products to you.

Question 6. Can material be installed at ground level?
Answer When installing at or near ground level, with minimal air flow volume, material shoulc be 4” wide when using Hidden Deck Fasteners.

Question 7. How do I minimize cupping?
Answer To minimize cupping a 2” strip of urethane glue should be applied to each board at the joist location.

Question 8. How do I stop splitting where I install the screws near the end of the boards?
Answer Any screws placed within an 1” of any edge should be predrilled to minimize splitting.

Question 9. Can I leave Kayu uncovered outside during construction?
Answer No, Kayu must be covered so that moisture doesn’t get trapped in between boards and cause mold.

Question 10. Which Tiger Claw is recommended with Kayu?
Answer The TC-3.

Question 11. Can T&G lumber be used on deck surfaces?
Answer No. T&G may be used in vertical applications unless totally protected from the elements. Periodic expansion gaps must be left for expansion.

Question 12. If there are white lines at the end of the board should I install it that way?
Answer No, cut away an distinct lines in the wood grain, especially if they are larger than 1/16”.

Question 13. Are there differences between composite and wood?
Answer Yes there are differences. Please click on this link for more details on composite and wood decks.

Question 14. How does the density of Kayu Batu compare to other hardwoods and wood decking materials?

Please click here to see compare the density.

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