Kayu Products

Kayu Products

Kayu Hardwood Decking specializes in precision finished wood products, including Decking, Flooring and Mouldings.

Kayu provides additional value adds services such as priming, machining and veneer wrapping.

productsBatu3 Kayu Batu
Dark Red 100% Clear Grade balau hardwood

 productsBalau Yellow Balau
Teak-like weathers to reddish dark brown

 treated1 Kayu Bukit
Reddish Brown 100% Clear Grade meranti hardwood

 modern-porch  KAYU® Mahogany
KAYU® Mahogany™ possesses an incredible combination of beauty, performance, strength and durability that is rare even among the finest decking materials.

 kayu-bukit-deck-home-page-500x375px KAYU® Siap
KAYU® Siap™ is your ‘ready to go’ hardwood deck; the perfect choice for top performance at a more affordable price.

 contemporary-porch KAYU® MAS
KAYU® Mas™ is a gorgeous, dense exotic hardwood with a unique blend of rich, golden red/brown colors.

 contemporary-staircase KAYU® Interior Paneling
KAYU® Interior Paneling™ provides you with a great way to design your perfect space to suit the architectural style of your house or business.

 modern-deck KAYU® Sapphire
KAYU® Sapphire™ is a beautiful, warm, reddish brown color with gold colored flecks and a gorgeous, natural color variation.

 traditional-deck KAYU® Tigerwood
KAYU® Tigerwood™ is one of the most visually interesting exotic hardwoods on the U.S. and Canadian market.

 contemporary-deck KAYU® Deck Tiles
KAYU® Deck Tiles™ are your answer to instantly transpire your space into a warm, beautiful outdoor / indoor living environment.
 2016-07-19-kayu-products-photo-img-kayutruckdecking-keruing-apitong-500x252px KAYU® Apitong
KAYU® Apitong (Keruing)™ is the toughest truck and trailer flooring material of any kind. Optimized for strength and durability, providing strength up to two times that of oak.

 tropical-deck KAYU® Genuine Teak
KAYU® Genuine Teak™ has long been a top choice for outdoor decking, due to its warm golden brown color and durability.

 2016-7-19-kayu-photo-img-mahogany-primed-trimboards-crop-500x323px KAYU® Mahogany Primed Trimboards™
KAYU® Mahogany Primed Trimboards™ are a carefully selected Meranti hardwood that is primed two times (2x) with a uniform gray color.

 contemporary-porch KAYU® IPE
KAYU® IPE™ We’ve carried regular Ipe in the past but we have found a better hardwood species that has what people are looking for in IPE.

 contemporary-deck KAYU® Golden
KAYU® Golden™ is a mixture of warm golden-reddish-browns and golden light-browns. Typically chosen for its rich hue and subtle grain.

 contemporary-exterior siding KAYU® Exterior Siding
KAYU® Exterior Siding™ Nothing will affect the appearance of your home or business more dramatically than the exterior siding you choose.

 installation_gun21 Installation Gun
The fastest and best way to install hidden fasteners in pregrooved material

For preventing end splits and checking. 1 Quart will do 25 sq ft, or around 200 boards
$24.00 per Quart.

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