Yellow Balau

Yellow Balau

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productsBalauKayu Brand is uniquely beautiful. Similar to teak in color, Yellow-brown with a reddish tinge weathering ultimately to a deeper shade of a reddish dark brown.


Superior Value
Superior value when compared to similar clear grade species and composites. Yellow Balau is a great cost effective way to go compared with other hardwoods on the market!

Extremely durable! Very suitable for all forms of heavy construction, bridges, wharves, flooring, heavy-duty furniture and decking.

Resistant to abrasion, wear and dents.

Very resistant to decay, insects and fungal attack, even in tropical environments.

Naturally fire resistant.

Ease of Maintenance
Easy to maintain! If finishing we recommend penetrating oil finishes or leave natural to weather silver gray patina.

Sustainably Managed
Sourced from countries that are leaders in ecological, sustained forestry practices.

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