C175-850 Oz-Post

C175-850 Oz-Post
Oz-Post model C175-850 is most commonly used in the street sign and ornamental fencing market. The top sleeve is designed to accept a 1 ¾” square tube. The Oz-Post has standard 1” center hole spacing for attachment with corner bolts, tamper-proof rivets and regular through bolts that are commonly used for street sign installations.

Regardless of what brand of ornamental fencing you purchase, Oz-Post can provide the support for your fencing project that will perform as well as the fencing it supports.


Option 1 – Jackhammer: use the Oz-Hammer model OH-02. No spacer is required with the model. Jackhammers are easy to operate and available to rent at all rental centers in the country. Oz-Post recommends an electric or gas powered jackhammer. Pneumatic jackhammers are also ok but they are often much heavier and unnecessary.

Option 2 – Sledgehammer: cut scrap piece of material about 8” and insert into the top sleeve. Strike the material with the head of the hammer to drive the post into the ground. HINT: Be sure that the scrap piece is a loose fit so that it is not difficult to remove after the post is installed.

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