T6-850 OZ-Post

T6-850 OZ-Post

Oz-Post model T6-850 Oz-Post is intended for use with standard 6”x 6” wooden posts. Keep in mind that most 6”x 6” posts are 5 ½”x 5 ½” and this is the size that the Oz-Post is designed for.

We recommend verifying the post sizes at your local lumber dealer to make sure the size of the posts you are intending to use match the Oz-Post support. One of the most common uses for the T6-850 is in the site sign business for large signs ranging from 8’x 8’ to 8’ x 16’ or larger. This is a very strong and long support that provides the appropriate stability for projects of this size. Other uses for this post size are in the commercial fencing market primarily for perimeter wood fencing.


Option 1 – Jackhammer: use the Oz-Hammer model OH-01 and Hammer-Spacer model HSP-T6. Jackhammers are easy to operate and available to rent at all rental centers in the country. Oz-Post recommends an electric or gas powered jackhammer. Pneumatic jackhammers are also ok but they are often much heavier and unnecessary.

Option 2 – Sledgehammer: cut scrap piece of wood about 8” and insert into the top sleeve. Strike the wood with the head of the hammer to drive the post into the ground. HINT: Be sure that the scrap piece is a loose fit so that it is not difficult to remove after the post is installed.

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