2⅜” Steel to Wood Brackets Full Wrap

Item #: 52803 (JAWSII-FBW-3) 3 Pack

OZCO’s JAWS 2-3/8” Full Wrap Steel to Wood Brackets are ready to go out of the package as we have already completely assembled and position the hardware for easy installation.  No fumbling for lag screws or looking for a fastener that fell to the ground.  Perfect for one-person installations.  All hardware fits a 3/8” hex driver bit.

Triple Pack Kit Includes:
6   5/16″-18 X 30 mm Carriage Bolts
6   5/16″-18 Hex Nut
12   ¼″ X 1-¼″ Lag Screw
12   ¼″-10 X 17 mm Flange Head Lag Screw
3   Strap – 2⅜″ JAWS II Full Wrap
3   Bracket – 2⅜″ JAWS II Full Wrap