Rot Not Protection Deck System

Rot Not Protection Deck System

Welcome to our all new Rot-Not Deck Protection System…a joist and pier cap system designed to protect and lengthen the life of your deck.It works like an umbrella to keep the joists and undersides of the deck planks clean and dry. Rot-Not protects critical areas of joist and deck plank which liquid sealers never reach.

Using the Rot-Not joist and pier cap system eliminates the most common cause of deck failure, the rot migration between the joist and underside of the deck plank. It eliminates wood-to-wood contact.

  • The surface is crowned to allow water to run off and away from the deck joist/deck plank connection.
  • Rot-Not’s unique patented design provides 50% more air circulation to the underside of the deck plank, while eliminating 100% water penetration on the topside of the joist.
  • Air vents on the top and sides of the Rot-Not joist and pier caps provide additional air circulation around the joist, allowing the wood to breathe.
  • Rot-Not joist cap is designed to work with all natural wood and composite deck products.
  • Rot-Not joist and pier caps are manufactured using a quality UV protected material that is self-sealing during the fastener installation process.


What Product or system can protect the value and longevity of your deck better than ROT NOT®

As a homeowner or deck builder, you must consider the longevity of your deck to protect your investment, as well as your reputation as a builder.

For the longest time, decks were constructed using matured lumber (B) and treated with CCA (Chromate Copper Arsenate). Due to environmental issues with CCA, and introduction of ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quat) lumber (A), new concerns have surfaced.
Market demands have created genetically modified lumber, which promotes faster, larger growth. This quick-growth forest product looses fibre strength and density. The growth rings are spread further apart allowing more pulp-like material between the growth rings.

The replacement of CAA with ACQ has raised concerns regarding the accelerated rate of deterioration of the deck fasteners. With the chemical treatment changes and lumber supply throughout the wood industry, the overall performance of your deck has become vulnerable and unproven. No other single product or system can protect the integrity and overall performance of your deck better than ROT-NOT® Joist Cap

In most cases, ROT-NOT® DECK PROTECTION SYSTEM® will double the life expectancy of your deck. Chemical sealers designed to stop moisture penetration, do little to address the issues in critical wood-to-wood locations.

Using 100% reground PVC plastic, the manufacturing process of ROT-NOT® DECK PROTECTION SYSTEM® is environmentally friendly.

Without a doubt, choosing ROT-NOT® DECK PROTECTION SYSTEM® will provide reassurance that your deck will remain protected year after year — hence why we say…
Some things in life are simply…NO BRAINERS


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