Rot Not Deck Protection System Testimonials

Rot Not Deck Protection System Testimonials

Wood lasts almost forever if it’s kept dry, and that’s the premise behind a patented system of deck building accessories by ROT-NOT Deck Protection System. It’s as simple as it is elegant.There’s another reason to consider moisture control in deck design and the need is relatively new. It has to do with the chemicals that are currently used to preserve pressure-treated lumber. The most common preservative substance in use today is abbreviated as ACQ and replaces the arsenic-bearing substance called CCA that was used to preserve wood until a few years ago. Although it’s believed to be safer, ACQ is more corrosive to metal nails, screws and support brackets than CCA ever was. And as you’d expect, this corrosive action is greatly enhanced in the presence of moisture. The problem is especially troublesome where deck boards sit on floor joists, maing moisture control in this area even more important.

Steve Maxwell
Technical Editor
Canadian Home Workshop Magazine

Since our inception, we have built about 6500 decks. I wish ROT-NOT Deck Protection System had been available for every one of them! We now recommend ROT-NOT Deck Protection System to every customer. It’s a small price to pay for rot protection.

Tom Jacques
Hickory Dickory Decks
Flamborough, Ontario

Over the years, I have demolished and rebuilt a number of decks, which had deteriorated due to rotting of the deck beams and undersides of the planks. ROT-NOT Deck Protection System stops water penetration and allows the deck to breathe…I would highly recommend it’s use to anyone contemplating new deck or dock construction.

Gregg Rollo
D.I.Y. Cottage/Homeowner
Belleville, Ontario

We have spent hours and hours trying to preserve the lifespan and investment of several decks at our cottage. Each year we maintain the decks with countless hours of washing and sealing the exposed areas of the frame structure and planking to protect against moisture penetration and rot. ROT-NOT Deck Protection System has no erased our concerns, and will undoubtedly double the life expectancy of our decks with zero maintenance on our part.

Bob Hollingsworth
Cottage Owner
Mink Lake
Maynooth, Ontario

The ease of installation and the minimal costs to protect both my hard labour and investment is as your brochure states…A NO BRAINER. I found the ROT-NOT Deck Protection System as simple as a solution as there could be, to providing better protection to both the fasteners and structure of our deck.

Bill Jenkins
North Bay, Ontario

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