Deckfast Metal is designed to attach PVC, Composite and hardwood decking to metal framing systems like Trex Elevations.

Deckfast® Metal

Color Matched Screws for PVC, Composite and Hardwood Decking on Steel and Aluminum Framing

Deckfast® Metal screws are designed to attach PVC, composite and hardwood decking to steel and aluminum framing, including Trex Elevations® steel deck framing and Wahoo® Decks and Docks aluminum joist systems. Deckfast Metal is the first line of deck screws designed specifically for this application.

Deckfast Metal screws are made of Grade 410 stainless steel and feature extra deep star drive recesses, undercut heads, drill points, and a color matched epoxy-based polymer resin coating over zinc plate.

NEW 12 x 2-3/8″ version

Deckfast Metal is now available in a larger size for two-inch decking: 12 x 2-3/8″. The original 1-5/8” long Deckfast Metal screw is the leading fastener for attaching one-inch decking materials to metal framing systems. The new 2-3/8” Deckfast Metal screw is the only product on the market designed for use with two-inch decking materials in this type of application. Both versions are Trex® approved.

Buildex® Teks Select™

Starborn also distributes Buildex® Teks Select™ 10-16 x 3/4” fasteners, approved for use as framing screws with Trex Elevations. Teks Select fasteners are dual hardened, and have a Climaseal ACR™ finish. Teks Select fasteners can be used for all Elevations steel-to-steel and bracket connections, as directed in the Elevations Installation Guide.

Applications and Usage Notes

Decking and Metal Dimensions: The 10 x 1-5/8” version of Deckfast Metal is designed for decking materials with an actual thickness of ¾” to 1” attached to steel or aluminum* up to 12 gauge or two 14 gauge joists doubled up. The 12 x 2-3/8” version of Deckfast Metal is designed for decking materials with an actual thickness above 1” and up to 1-1/2” attached to steel or aluminum up to ¼” thick.

*Note: When using the 1-5/8″ screw with thinner gauges of aluminum, ensure that the wings shear off cleanly by applying slightly more pressure during installation.

Pre-drilling: Pre-drilling is not required, even in hardwoods.

Perfectly Set Fasteners: To achieve a clean and uniform appearance, with screws set at a perfect and consistent depth below the surface, use the new Smart-Bit Deck Screw Depth Setter.

Corrosion Information: The combination of 410 Stainless Steel and an Epoxy Coating provides good corrosion resistance; however, Deckfast Metal is not recommended for use in applications exposed to salt air, near large bodies of water, swimming pools or other areas where corrosion is likely to occur. For these applications, use Grade 316 Stainless Steel fasteners. For more detailed information, see the corrosion information page.

Mechanical Strength and Performance: For test data, see “Deckfast Metal Specification Sheet” pdf under DOWNLOADS section above.