Starborn Smart-Bit

Starborn Smart-Bit

Pre-drilling and countersinking tool for decks and woodworking

Each Smart-Bit package contains a Smart-Bit, two (2) replacement bits, and a hex wrench.

Decks have undergone an evolution in recent years, from being part of the backyard to part of a home’s primary living space. Along with this change has come the expanded use of preferred decking materials like composites and hardwoods. Stainless steel deck screws, long recognized as the fastener of choice for high-end decks, have also witnessed expanded use.

Stainless steel, however, is softer than hardened steel and often requires pre-drilling. In the past, pre-drilling was time consuming and laborious. Not anymore! With Smart-Bit, pre-drilling and countersinking can be done in one step, with one tool. And our Powerbolic drill bits with special fluting cut through decking more than twice as fast as standard wood bits. Plus, the bits are replaceable. For deck builders working with composites, Smart-Bit offers an additional benefit – it eliminates mushrooming. That’s smart!



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