Tiger Claw Installation Gun

Tiger Claw Installation Gun


The TC-G fastener for grooved decking is already the quickest way to install a deck, and when you add the new Tiger Claw Installation Gun to the picture you can cut your already quick installation time in half!!! Unbelievable you say….well click the link below and check it out for yourself. A 16′ deck board can now be fully installed in as little as one minute.

The Tiger Claw Installation Gun is compatible with the TC-G and TimberTech CONCEALoc hidden fasteners for grooved decking. Just slip the fastener onto the nose of the gun, insert into board groove and pull the trigger. It doesn’t stop there. The installation gun drives a pneumatic screw into each joist like a nail and can be removed like a traditional screw.

The new installation gun makes owning a beautiful nail free deck more affordable and easier than ever.

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