Tiger Claw Installation

Tiger Claw Installation

Pneumatic gun for TC-G and pregrooved boards

The fastest and best way to install hidden fasteners in pregrooved material. More here

Tap on installation – for Tc-1, 2 and 3 with no grooved boards

1: Install first course of decking by placing board edge tightly against house. Fasten ONLY the edge along the house, driving a 2” decking screw every 16” through the decking and into solid support.


2: Insert prongs of fastener into installation block as shown.


3: With Tiger Claw seated in installation block, center block over support. While standing on board fully install Tiger Claw into decking by striking block with hard blows using a standard hammer.


4: Drive stainless steel decking screw at a 45-degree angle, through center hole of Tiger Claw, and down into support joist. Screw should be snugly seated, Do not distort the Tiger Claw by overdriving.


5: Check position of Tiger Claw. Prongs must be straight out horizontally from deck board. Correct any angle using pliers. *For boards less than 1” thick tap prongs down slightly Screw should be in center of hole, and seated snug.

6: Repeat steps 2 through 5 over every support joist.


7: Position next decking board to be installed against fastener points. Place hammer board against the deck board, to prevent hammer marks.


8: Always Start installation at the end of deck board. While standing on deck board drive onto prongs by striking with sledgehammer using HARD dead blows until proper gapping is obtained. Once gapping is achieved at end of decking board, install first Tiger Claw and screw of next row to hold board on prongs as installation proceeds.


9: Repeat steps 2 through steps 8 until decking is complete.

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