Tiger Claw Testimonials

Tiger Claw Testimonials



City, State

“It’s an excellent product. My hat goes off to the people who came up with this product.”

Elmer U.


“People are amazed that there are no nails!”

Joan T.

Tarpon Springs, FL

“I am so pleased with the result of this deck, and more importantly, so is my client.”

Vincent S.

Wareham, MA

“Thank you for the excellent product that made my job much easier.  Many [people] have been impressed by the clean surface that Tiger Claw gives my deck.”

Larry H.

Philadelpia, PA

“Thanks so much for you immediate attention to our needs.  Your manner of business is great!”

Crane Lumber Co.

Savanna, MO

“Your product worked wonderfuly and the no-nails look just made my deck even more special!”

Melaine P.

Batesville, AR

“…it [came] out pretty damn good!”

Donald V.

Valhalla, NY

“They were very easy to install and make the deck look great!  My deck is the envy of the neighborhood!”

Robert D.

Langhorne, PA

“[We’re] very happy that we spent a little more for a deck surface that looks great and will stay that way…”

Barry U.

Jefferson, MD

“I was somewhat skeptical going into the project, but now I’m a believer!”

Aaron Z.

Denver, CO

“The most popular hidden deck fastener is by Tiger Claw”

The Albany Herald


“We built our deck in one weekend and will enjoy the durability and beauty of it for years to come!”

Tom T.

Hackensack, MN

“The Fiberon floor looks perfect thanks to Tiger Claw – no ugly nails showing!”

Sheri S.

East Amhearst, NY

“Thanks for a superior product – we don’t have to look at a bunch of screw holes!”


Smithtown, NY

First time for me and the fasteners
worked the way they should. 

Robert S.


A very definite “Yes” (When asked “Would you use the product again”.)

Duane M.

San Diego, CA

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