Tips for feeding the birds this winter

Feeding birds can be a fun hobby in the winter months! Winter-loving species such as finches, sparrows, titmice, blue jays, woodpeckers, chickadees, and cardinals will become “locals” in your backyard during the winter, so taking the time to set up bird feeders in your yard could help them survive the harsh weather. Follow these tips to help wild birds survive and thrive in your backyard this winter.

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Must-have products: G-Tape

G tape

Consumers today are investing thousands of dollars into PVC or composite decking products in order to enjoy their outdoor space for half the maintenance and double the durability of traditional wood decking. Composite and PVC decking products are installed over pressure-treated framing that will decay much quicker than the decking it supports.

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November garden to-do’s

Cleaning of autumn leaves in the park.

After the cold weather lays everything bare, the “bones” of your garden become visible, and you can start to plan for how you want the space to look once the warm weather returns. End-of-season garden prep in the late fall can make a world of difference come spring. Here are a few checklist items to get you started.

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Liv BP at Cottage Life Show

Beautiful morning landscape panorama of a lake in cottage country in Ontario, Canada

Already missing weekends lounging around at the cottage and dreaming about the new projects you’ll be tackling come spring? The upcoming Fall Cottage Life show is the perfect opportunity to check out the latest trends and gather the inspiration you need for revitalizing outdoor space in 2023.

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DIY Halloween decorations for your home

Halloween teal basket full of goodies

Decorating for the spooky season and the build-up to Halloween is something we all look forward to! As a child, you probably remember the best-decorated homes in your neighbourhood that were always the perfect trick-or-treating destination. Here are a few DIY Halloween decorating ideas that will leave your neighbours in awe.

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Planning Your Fall Road Trip

Autumn Maple leaf transition

The changing leaves of fall are the perfect reason to start planning an amazing road trip in Ontario! We’re so lucky to live in a country that experiences the four seasons and even luckier to live in a province filled with over 300 Provincial Parks to explore in the gorgeous autumn months.

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5 signs you need a new deck

Wooden Deck deteriorating

If you’re like us, you probably spent a lot of time on your deck this summer! With all that time spent in the summer sun, you’ve probably been noticing the look and sturdiness of your deck. Many decks can last for decades before you need to repair them, or in some cases replace them entirely. Here are 5 surefire signs that you need to replace your deck.

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For over 60 years, CAMO has been changing the decking industry by developing new and innovative tools, fasteners and accessories that are easy to use, easy to learn and usable on any deck. Whether you’re a deck builder, professional remodeler, or DIY enthusiast, CAMO has the perfect product for your exterior project!

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