Exotic Hardwood For Your Deck

For deck results that shout quality, prestige and luxury, there is no other choice then real wood. Exotic hardwood products offered by Liv Building Products are what every composite product wishes it could be.

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Rich in colour and texture, it is unbelievably resistant to abrasion, wear, dents and decay. This product has been used on high end yachts and cruise ships as well as used in boat construction for centuries. For outdoor projects and marine applications that demand the best material, Kayu Exotic Hardwood is the product of choice. For mahogany marine enthusiasts that appreciate wood, no other material other than “real wood” can compare for your lake side projects. Water applications and mahogany go hand in hand!

Left alone, Kayu will age much like boat teak, as it is from the same family of wood. Exotic Hardwood will naturally ‘silver out’ yet still maintain the natural look and wood grain. The beauty of Kayu and teak, is that at any time, it can be cleaned and oiled to bring it back to life, and it will return to that rich, dark colour. Composite products scratch and wear with no opportunity for revitalizing. To maintain the full rich colour of the Kayu decking, a stain sealer can be applied every 1-2 years depending on the exposure and the look desired. There are NO products that claim to be maintenance free, not even composites. If every material requires maintenance anyway, the natural alternative will provide results you will be proud of. Also, Kayu decking left alone is as close to maintenance free as you can get if you like that silver aged look.

Kayu Exotic Hardwood sold by Liv Building Products is 100% Clear Grain with no knots or wane. The 5/4 x 6 Decking can be grooved and used with the TC-G TigerClaw Hidden Deck Fastener or left as is and be used with the TC-3 TigerClaw Hidden Deck Fastener. If you choose to use deck screws, there is no pre-drilling required, if Kayu is installed with Tigerclaw Screws.

The TigerClaw Hidden Deck Fastener is also distributed by Liv Building Products. The hidden deck fastener allows for a screw free deck surface ,while prolonging wood life by stopping the moisture penetrating through screw holes. These Fasteners are the only Stainless Steel Hidden deck fasteners, and can also be installed using the new Pneumatic gun From Tigerclaw. This gives the ultimate in speed AND quality.

The combination of clear, knot free wood and a surface free of nails and screws offers a deck of unparalleled quality and longevity. For the pure, natural, unblemished look that will last generations and make you the envy of your friends, relatives and neighbours, choose Kayu Exotic Hardwood by Liv Building Products.

Liv Building Products is an Authorized Kayu Distributor.