Deck Widget

Deck Widget Uses

See examples of the Deck Widget in action!


Made for Deck Builders

The first bracket specifically designed with Deck builders in mind.
Most efficient way to make a butt connection when length of deck exceeds length of longest deckboards available.


Simple Board to Board Connections

The easiest way to replace sister joist detail for long decks that require them. Save lumber!
The simplest way to follow virtually all decking manufacturers recommendation to allow for a gap and drainage between deck boards.


Reduces Splitting!

Also makes it easy to keep screw penetrations away from the ends of boards, which can often cause splitting. Easier to follow virtually all Deck board manufacturers recommendations!

Accepts ALL hidden deck board connectors, or screw up from the bottom into decking.


Zero Predrilling – Save Time.

NO Predrilling has a great screw holding power, will not split.
Prevents Deck Board end Rot.
Makes inlay work and boarder and picture framing very easy.


Increase Deflection Limits

Easily exceeds deflection limits for a decking product (L/360).
Makes a great 3/16 spacer, or a wedge when tight edges need to be opened up before screwing.


Uniquely Versatile

Works anywhere a support bracket is required!
Stair tread connections too!