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Versatile head style can be used with the PoziSquare Drive, #2 square drive, and Phillips drive. Guaranteed corrosion resistance. Color matched to blend in with new pressure treated decking. Sharp threads quickly penetrate lumber. Free PoziSquare driver bit included in all pack sizes
Available Lengths: 1 ⅝” – 3 ½”


The first wood screw engineered to fasten a deck ledger board to a rim joist with no predrilling. Easy to install structural screw coated with a proprietary 3-step process that protects against corrosion, even in pressure treated wood. Built-in washer head eliminates the need for an additional washer. Large hex-head allows for greater bit engagement, reducing cam-out.
Available Lengths: 3 ⅝” – 5”


A stainless steel coated trim screw engineered for use in PVC trim, PVC decking like AZEK® Deck, TimberTech® XLM, and Trex® Escapes, as well as hardwoods such as cedar, Ipe and mahogany. TrimTop screws are head-painted to match the decking or trim and are guaranteed not to rust for the life of the project.
Available Lengths: 1 ⅝” – 3”


Oversized washer head & increased thread combine for dramatically increased pull-down for warped & twisted logs. Installs faster & easier than lags & spikes – dramatically lowering costs. No predrilling: eliminates on-site predrilling & manufacturing drill stations. Countersinks: allows log to settle naturally. Removable & adjustable. Corrosion resistance guaranteed.
Available Lengths: 7” – 15″


Designed for joining multi-ply LVL, LSL and PSL. Developed with direct input from a leader in engineered wood, Trus Joist®. Faster, easier & stronger than through-bolts & other structural self-drilling fasteners with similar diameters. Approved for single-sided installation unlike nails & other screws of similar diameter that need to be installed from both sides.
Available Lengths: 3 ⅜” – 6 ¾”


GutterScrew enables you to replace old popping gutter spikes once and for all. Here’s how: Super sized threads! They are wider than gutter spikes, so they fill old worn spike holes tightly. No water gets into your house! This heavy-duty fastener gives unmatched holding power even in old spike holes.
Available Length: 7”