Rot Not Deck Products

Rot Not Deck Products

Ledger Cap

The largest formation of water, ice and snow can be found against the house.
Protects the entire joist hanger system and it’s fasteners, while eliminating excessive moisture due to debris collecting between the house and the ledger board.

“Wood lasts almost forever if it’s kept dry, and that’s the premise behind a patented system of deck building accessories by ROT-NOT Deck Protection System. It’s as simple as it is effective.”
Steve Maxwell, Technical Editor
Canadian Home Workshop Magazine.

  • The extended arm provides a shoulder, that once caulked, stops the water from reaching and settling against the house and gathering at the main deck anchors
  • Increased volume of moisture at this location results in additional oxygen that has been proven to accelerate the deterioration of the fasteners and contribute to wood rot.

“Changes in the preservative-treated wood industry since the beginning of 2004 have created concerns.”
SOLPAN REVIEW, the independent journal of energy conservation, building science & construction practice July 2005

“We now recommend Rot-Not joist cap to every customer. It’s a small price to pay for rot protection.”
Tom Jacques, President, Hickory Dickory Decks, Flamborough, ON

Single Joist Cap

Protects the most vulnerable locations of your new deck or re-decking construction

  • The patented design ensures that the main joist system remains protected against moisture and foliage, which collects at the deck spacing causing rot
  • Protects against water wicking where wood-to-wood contact is made
  • While shedding water that may form on the joist cause by rain or snow, it’s patented design provides a channel allowing wood to breathe
  • As fasteners (nails or screws) go through the planking they penetrate through the joist cap.  The memory of the PVC, and the friction of the fasteners, heat seals the plastic
  • The entire DECK PROTECTION SYSTEM is designed to eliminate water penetration therefore increasing the life expectancy and overall performance of your new deck project.

Double Joist Cap


  • Protects the main beam and underside of your joist layout
  • Eliminates moisture penetration between the main beam, which has been found to accelerate the deterioration of the fasteners

Reminder: If you’re overlapping your joists, be sure to order additional footage

Post Protector Saddle
  • Provides excellent protection at the bearing point of the post and underside of the beam
  • Provides a saddle for your beam, making installation struggle free
  • the beam sits on top of the pier in a compression condition, which is stronger than hanging the beam on the pier (suspension condition).  This is especially important due to the newly created corrosion issues associated with ACQ lumber

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