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How You Can Go Eco-Friendly With Your Deck

When it comes to adding a deck to your home they already instantly add value to your home but if you were to make sure that your deck was eco-friendly you could not only add more value to your home but help protect the environment. After all, what’s more green than designing a place where you will be spending time outside with nature? Most decks that are eco-friendly are low-maintenance and last a long time.

How Going Eco-Friendly Can Help Both You and the Environment

Many people don’t waste a second thought when they decide what material they want to use to design a deck, but if everyone would take the time to choose materials that are beneficial to our environment then the world would be a much better place both economically and environmentally. Going eco-friendly means less waste for the environment and a longer deck lifespan for home-owners. Imagine the piece of mind you will have knowing that you designed a deck that’s your dream deck as well as eco-friendly.

What to Ask Yourself Before You Decide to Design an Eco-Friendly Deck

  • Do I have the budget for this? Upfront eco-friendly deck material is more expensive than traditional decking material like wood and if you have a tight budget you may not be able to buy all the materials you need for your deck.
  • Does my contractor have experience with eco-friendly material? The worst thing about building a deck is having to put it in someone else’s hand to build it. If you are working with a contractor you should ask them if they have ever installed any eco-friendly decks and if so what type of material have they used and
  • Do I want to do a lot of maintenance? If you know you’re not the one who wants to be out there spraying their deck down and wiping down all the furniture than a low-maintenance deck is perfect for you. Most eco-friendly decks are low-maintenance and can outlast most other decking material choices.

Will it Cost Me More to Go Green?

Most of the time when people hear the words “green” or “eco-friendly” they immediately think that it will cost them more but that is not always the case. When designing your deck the initial cost for eco-friendly material like PVC will be more than conventional deck material like wood but in the long run you will end up spending less since you will not have to buy cleaning products as often and the material itself lasts longer than others.

What Deck Materials are Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly materials are those that have not been in contact with harmful chemical treatments like pressure-treated woods. PVC decking is extremely eco-friendly since they are made out of recycled materials. They don’t need to be treated, painted or sealed and can come in gorgeous stains that can mimic the appearance of wood like Trailways PVC decking.

Other materials you can use to make sure your deck is eco-friendly are solar lighting products like Pegasus or Polaris. They can charge all day and then light up the night for you well into the late hours and you won’t even have to use any energy doing it.

Tips About Designing a Green Deck

One of the biggest challenges to designing an eco-friendly deck is finding decking material that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Here are some tips to help you get started building your eco-friendly deck.

  • Incorporate any existing trees on your property into your deck design so that you will be able to natural shade.
  • Make sure water runs away from your foundation if it rains instead of towards it, which can cause moisture problems and lead to rot and mold, which can mean devastation for your deck.
  • To keep your deck cool build your deck so that it is facing the south of where you live so that it is not facing the sun so that during the summer months it is not extremely hot but during the summer and warm during the winter.
  • If you plan on grilling on your deck then choosing propane-fueled accessories is better for the environment than grills that use charcoal.
  • Invest in natural, eco-friendly furniture that you and your guests can enjoy like chairs, hammocks and even awnings.

Going green for anyone can seem a bit overwhelming at first but once you have the knowledge you need and the items to match there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to build the deck of your dreams that’s good for the environment as well.

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