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Invisi-Shield & COVID-19 Business Safety

We have all been patiently awaiting the slow and gradual re-opening on the economy after the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted life on a global scale. As society will begin to slowly recover, so will the economy. Along with this, will come the re-opening of small businesses and office spaces across Ontario. Although many will be thankful and eager to return back to work, we must not forget to continue to follow safety precautions and guidelines. This is where we can help. 

The InvisiRail glass railing system, specifically the new Invisi-Shield, can be a safe, and efficient way for small businesses and office spaces to create barriers between people, workspaces and desks. The Invisi-Shield is able to create a safe barrier in order to block any germs from spreading, which is crucial to keep both employees and customers safe, now more than ever.

Why use Invisi-Shield over plexiglass?

Although plexiglass is also a popular approach used to create barriers, many are unaware that plexiglass is a porous material, meaning that it will absorb material from the air, making it impossible to completely clean. However, by using a real glass barrier, you can ensure a deep clean surface, which will not fade under UV sun rays.

Contact InvisiRail at, as we are offering discounted prices and fast production of all Invisi-Shield products.

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