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Diamon-Fusion Protective Glass Coating

Over time, untreated glass products may start to lose their lustre due to harsh chemical cleaners, UV rays and even saltwater mist. Diamon-Fusion is here to help keep your InvisiRail Glass Railing system looking as good as new!

 Diamon-Fusion is a new ultra-thin, UV-resistant protective coating that permanently transforms ordinary glass panels into high-performing, water-repellent surfaces. Glass treated with Diamon-Fusion becomes easier to clean and requires less upkeep, making it the perfect choice for glass railings and showers. Diamon-Fusion protective coating can be added to existing glass products — removing the need to replace any of your glass panels.

When applying Diamon-Fusion coating to glass railings or shower doors, you’ll notice a substantial difference in your railing’s appearance. The protective coating will help protect against water stains, corrosion, etching and harmful UV rays, leaving you with more time to sit back and enjoy your crystal-clear view. 

Diamon-Fusion comes with a lifetime warranty on residential applications, and a 15-year warranty on commercial applications. For videos and more information on Diamon-Fusion, click here to visit our product page today!

March 23-26
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