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DIY Halloween decorations for your home

Decorating for the spooky season and the build-up to Halloween is something we all look forward to! As a child, you probably remember the best-decorated homes in your neighbourhood that were always the perfect trick-or-treating destination. Here are a few DIY Halloween decorating ideas that will leave your neighbours in awe.

Tin can ghosts
Cute and spooky, tin can ghosts are a simple and virtually free Halloween decoration! Take an old coffee or tin can and paint with white spray paint or craft paint — don’t forget to give your ghost a face! Turn the can upside down and use a hot glue gun or tape to attach strips of white ribbon or fabric to the inside of the can. Hang your tin can ghost from trees in your front yard with fishing line Wire for an “invisible” effect.

Mason jar jack-o-lanterns
Another great Halloween craft using household recycling! Paint your old mason jars or pasta jars with craft paint or even strips of coloured tissue paper and white glue to make Jack O’Lanterns, ghosts, Frankenstein, witches or even skulls! Place a battery-operated tea candle inside the jar and decorate your front steps or walkway.

Monster eyes
Incorporating your home’s landscaping into Halloween decorating is simple and effective. Using 2 paper plates, paint some spooky, menacing-looking monster eyeballs and place them on the foliage of a shrub or bush on your property. The eyes will look like a monster hiding in the bush and peering out at trick-or-treaters!

Sinister pumpkins
Take your classic jack-o-lantern to the next level! Carve your pumpkin as usual and paint the outside black with spray paint. Use these pumpkins in an area of your front yard that is the darkest to create a unique illusion of spooky floating pumpkin faces!

Creepy crows
Using any fallen branches from your yard or local park and some fake ravens from your local dollar store or Halloween store, you can make your front door look straight out of a Hitchcock movie. Lean branches on your front porch and hot glue the fake crows to them as if the birds were perched upon them. Go one step further and hang the birds with fishing line so they appear to be flying.

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