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Camo Block ™

Camo Block ™ is a must have for any residential builder or DIY’er looking for a versatile, lightweight solution that’s made to replace heavy concrete foundation blocks. Whether you’re building a shed, freestanding deck or other applicable exterior structures, Camo Block ™ can stand up to the job with ease. 

Camo Block ™ is durable, made for the outdoors – cold weather rated for Canadian winters and is also manufactured using a UltraViolet protectant so it won’t crack under blistering sun or corrode from cold rain, snow or ice. It is also made from a Polyolefin material which aids in resisting mold growth and this product is sustainable, made from recycled material. Strategically engineered holes were also fitted for superior drainage so your new joists and posts don’t sit in still water causing structural rot. 

Camo Block ™ fits a wide range of post and wood joist sizes, such as:

  • 4×4 posts
  • 6×6 posts2x4 joists
  • 2×6 joists
  • 2×8 joists
  • 2 in. metal joists

These lightweight blocks only weigh 2.16 lbs but have a load-rating to support over 1800 lbs each. This gives Camo Block ™ the upper hand when considering job costs and logistics. Camo Block ™ can easily be stacked together and shipped using standard shipping rates. Something that just isn’t possible with traditional concrete blocks used for similar applications.Camo Block ™ is backed by a 30 year warranty. To find more information, download this brochure, check us out online or by contacting any Liv Building Products representative.

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