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Custom Glass Products from InvisiRail™

When it comes to design, flexibility and customization are extremely important! Imagine having the freedom to incorporate glass products that perfectly fit your vision, regardless of size or application. With custom glass products, the possibilities are truly endless. InvisiRail™’s in-house glass shop can cut, temper and heat-soak glass for a variety of applications offering many options to personalize your design! Many handles, hinges and accessories are in stock as well to help enhance the look!

Tailored to Fit Your Space

No two spaces are the same, and that’s where custom-cut InvisiRail™ glass products shine! Templates can be used to create a variety of glass shapes for endless applications. Whether you’re renovating your home, office, or business, InvisiRail™’s custom glass products can be precisely cut to fit your specific measurements. From expansive office spaces to residential showers and staircases, InvisiRail™ can create glass panels that fit into your space wonderfully!


Rivertables have been a sought-after statement piece for a number of years now, but with that comes the lack of durability as the resin used can easily become scratched over time. Glass is by far the more durable option. InvisiRail’s glass shop can help you create intricate live-edge coffee tables and tabletops for home or your office boardroom, blending glass perfectly with the beauty of nature. 


InvisiRail™’s custom-cut glass products can help elevate the aesthetics of your space! The clean lines and transparency of glass add openness and an airy quality. Glass has long been associated with elegance and sophistication but whether you prefer a minimalist, industrial, or a more traditional look, custom-cut glass will lend well to the overall ambiance.

With InvisiRail™ Custom Glass products, you’re only limited by your imagination! Allow your unique ideas to come to life!

To learn more about InvisiRail™ ‘s in-house glass shop or to get a complete list of products available through LIV Building Products, click here. Get in touch with an InvisiRail ™ or LIV Building Products representative today and get your next project started!

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