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Spruce up your dock this summer!

Building a new dock this summer? Or perhaps repairing an existing one? The project can be exciting and rewarding, turning your waterfront property into a haven of relaxation and recreation! With careful planning, adherence to regulations, and quality construction and products, you can create a dock that will be long lasting against the elements and provide cherished memories for generations. Dive in and let’s make your dream dock into a reality!

Purpose & Design

A big question you need to answer before you begin is what will be the main purpose of your dock? The intended use will influence the design, size and features you incorporate.Will it be used for swimming, fishing, boating or simply for relaxation? Sketch out a rough plan or consult with a dock designer to create a blueprint that aligns with your vision. Further, make sure you consult with a professional and secure any necessary permits.

Materials & Construction

Choosing the right materials is crucial to the durability and longevity of your dock. Start by selecting materials that can withstand the local climate and water conditions in your area. The most common materials are wood, PVC and composite decking. Composite Decking can be a fantastic choice for your new dock! With products like TruNorth Decking™ you can rest assured that your dock won’t rust, stain, fade or rot and it’s backed by a 25 year warranty!


Safety should be a top priority when building a dock. Install handrails, guardrails, and non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents. InvisiRail™ is the perfect option for handrails and guardrails – afterall, you don’t want anything to ruin that view! InvisiRail™ offers the highest quality glass railing system for safety and looks great! Consider adequate LED-lighting too, especially if you plan to use the dock during the evening hours – find great products here. Lastly, make sure you’ve invested in a ladder or steps for easy access from the water and that your dock has been anchored properly to ensure the dock’s alignment and stability. This can be done by adding pilings or chain anchoring to the lakebed.  


While your new dock may be built with the highest quality products and materials, that doesn’t mean it won’t require some regular maintenance! Make sure you protect your investment and inspect your new dock regularly. If you’ve opted for a wooden surface, consider the treatment, as it may need to be reapplied and always look out for rot, wear and possible splinters! 

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