Transform Your Deck with CAMO Products from LIV Building Products


Transform Your Deck with CAMO Products from LIV Building Products

Building a deck is more than just a home improvement project—it’s a way to extend your living space, create a place for family gatherings, and add significant value to your property. The success of your deck project depends on the quality of materials and tools you use, which is where CAMO products, available through LIV Building Products, come into play. These innovative tools and fasteners are designed to revolutionize the deck-building process, making it simpler, faster, and more efficient.

The CAMO Advantage
CAMO is synonymous with innovation in deck construction. For more than 60 years, CAMO has been helping contractors, builders and weekend warriors build better. Their products are crafted to streamline the building process, ensuring visually appealing results with ease. When you choose CAMO products from LIV Building Products, you’re investing in a seamless construction experience and a deck that will stand the test of time.

Seamless, Smooth Surfaces
One of the standout features of CAMO products is their ability to create a smooth, fastener-free deck surface. Traditional deck screws often leave exposed heads that can detract from the overall look of your deck and pose a risk of injury. CAMO EDGE Deck Screws, however, are designed to be driven into the edge of the deck boards. This hidden fastening system not only enhances the deck’s appearance but also ensures a safer, more comfortable surface.

Precision and Efficiency
The precision and efficiency offered by CAMO’s tools are unparalleled. The CAMO Marksman Pro, for instance, is a precision tool that ensures each screw is driven at the perfect angle and depth. This tool works seamlessly with CAMO EDGE Deck Screws, guaranteeing a consistent, professional finish across the entire deck. Moreover, the Marksman Pro is adjustable, making it compatible with various board sizes, which adds to its versatility.
For larger projects, the CAMO DRIVE Stand-Up Tool is a game-changer. This innovative tool allows you to install decking screws while standing, reducing strain on your back and knees and speeding up the installation process. Compatible with a variety of CAMO screws, the DRIVE tool is an excellent addition to any deck builder’s toolkit.

Hidden Fasteners for a Clean Look
If you’re using grooved deck boards, CAMO Clips provide an ideal hidden fastening solution. These clips ensure a tight fit and help maintain consistent spacing between boards, resulting in a polished, uniform appearance. The ease of installation and the clean look they provide make CAMO Clips a favourite among both DIYers and professionals.

Why CAMO Products Stand Out
Choosing CAMO products means opting for tools and fasteners that make the deck-building process not only easier but also more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. CAMO’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that your deck will be both beautiful and durable. Their products cater to various types of deck boards, including wood, composite, and grooved boards, offering versatile solutions for any project.
Investing in CAMO products from LIV Building Products means you’re on the path to creating a deck that is not only functional but also a stunning addition to your home. The combination of ease of installation, superior durability, and aesthetic appeal makes CAMO an excellent choice for anyone looking to build or upgrade their deck.

Explore the range of CAMO products offered at LIV Building Products and see how these innovative tools can transform your deck-building experience. Get in touch with a LIV Building Products representative today and get your next project started!