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Smart-Bit Predrilling and Countersinking Tool

  • Designed for use with HeadCote or Deckfast screws
  • Stop collar with rubber O-ring prevents marking or damaging
  • High speed drill-bit has fluting designed to drill through hardwood decking more than twice as fast as standard wood bits
  • Designed for lumber up to 5/4” thick (nominal)
  • Each tool includes 2 spare bits* and a hex wrench
* Replacement bits also sold separately

Smart-Bit Depth Setter

  • Designed to give clean, uniform results in deck fastening, drywall, or general screw setting
  • The tool is adjustable for several different screw types, including HeadCote
  • Stopping mechanism sets the screw at target depth without stripping the screw recess
  • A rubber O-ring on a free-spinning collar prevents marking or damaging
  • Each tool includes one T-20 bit

March 23-26
International Centre, Mississauga